This part of the Prattfall universe will be dedicated to people that have been an influence on my life, and are now deceased.

Flip Wilson


I can remember watching Flip Wilson on Laugh-In, and later his variety show, always wildly funny. I was probably about 6 or 7, and my best friend at the time was Carlene Prince, and we would drive my mom crazy re-enacting the skits from the night before, in the back seat of the Fairlane on the way to St. Dominic's. Now that I think of it, the Pythons were also spending a lot of time in drag at about the same time...

Tim Conway & Geraldine

about 1970

DeForest Kelley

Actor of many heavy parts (usually a bad guy in TV & B-movie westerns of the 1950's & 1960's, he landed the role that was to make him immortal, that of Dr. Leonard McCoy, a "simple country doctor" in the service of the United Federation of Planets, serving many years aboard the Federation flagship USS Enterprise. He replaced the Doctor/Bartender that served under Captain Pike (see the epsode "The Cage" or the Star Trek pilot with Jeffery Hunter as Captain Pike).

I'm dead, Jim

The late Tom Servo, the Goldfish

Died 24 January 1999

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Graham Chapman

Python extraordinaire, beloved as Biggles, so dead butch (so to speak), actually took a degree in medicine, and was qualified to practice...imagine Dr. Chapman attending you...the mind recoils!

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