Shady Days & Bright Nights : Referee's Information

The Princess's crew is all too talkative...they must be covering up something...

Helixgyne's crew will fight like demons for him...far beyond the bounds of normal loyalty.

Helixgyne is a powerful psi talent, and was recruited into ImpSec early in his career. He used his talent to read the minds of his opponents in battle. He retired from the Navy with a secret ImpSec rank of Fleet Admiral. ImpSec is terrified he will sell out to the zhodani, giving away thier secret psi programs. His crew is linked subliminally to his mind set, and a threat to him is interpreted as a threat to them.

Helixgyne is actually selling defensive weapons systems to several of the independent worlds that make up the buffer between the Imperium and the Consulate. His meeting on Emape is with representatives from Ator and Attica. He is selling stolen Darrian technology, which the Imperium and the Consulate would dearly love to have.

The patron supplies the players with their ship, and the players discover that the patron is aboard only after they depart for Emape. Somewhere along the way, the players should figure out that the patron is an assasin. The patron works for Division 27.

They players must decide if they want to help the patron, or Helixgyne.

The patron will try to dispose of the players when he has taken care of Helixgyne.

Helixgyne offers to recruit the players to crew another merchant ship he wants to use to deliver the defensive systems to the independent worlds. He will supply them with identity to evade the ImpSec spooks. Helixgyne has contacts in ImpSec still, and he works occasionally for Division 88, the retirement branch.


Type 3 Bejomi Heavy Industries' "Gulf of Mexico" class tanker