Classic form of Imperial X=Boat, common throughout the Imperium. Standardized design makes this model identical, regardless of the manufacturer.

In fact, several manufacturers have gained bad reputations among the X-Boat pilots, notably Ling, Chyn-Orlan, And Harvarzco. Others have developed a reputation as reliable and comfortable, notably Bejomi. This particular model has been in service for over twenty eight years, and, with careful attention to the maintainence schedule, has still earned a reputation as the most comfortable X-Boat in the fleet.

A tanker fuels 2 ships near a jump limit.

photo courtesy Bejomi News Services

The Nile was probably hit by vargr pirates operating near Omicron Zalewski's jump limit. There are several planetoids in the Omicron-Dwarf libration point that are possible locations for bases within easy reach of the lucrative Regina-Lair trade routes. The system is a popular destination for many ships, as it sits astride the Regina-Lair routes, as well as a natural jump for several of the Vargr States, but lies far outside the reach of Imperial naval authority, and no vargr government has expressed an interest in patrolling the area.
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