Planets of the Settled Galaxy

The Settled Galaxy consists of the tens of thoudands of worlds, moons, and star systems inhabited by humans at the end of the 40th Century. Some are fairly close to Earth-normal, while others are violent nasty places you wouldn't wish on a dog, but all are home to the fastest growing menace in the Milky Way, Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

This is a small selection, with more to follow.


Delta Zimmerman 4

Cohen-index= 0.977
Mercator Map

New Vermont

Beta Lundegren 3

Cohen-index= 0.958
Mercator Map


Kappa Neumeyer 3

Cohen-index= 0.965
Mercator Map


Mu Eschbach 4

Cohen-index= 0.982

These planets' & this page are Copyright 1998 By Me, and anyone that needs to use a lovely terrestrial planet for an RPG are welcome to them. The graphics were done on the Fractal Worldmap Generator, and I'll link it in here soon.
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