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Little Warriors

Basic Outline:

Player Characters are recruited to help a scientist defect from a megacorp.

The Set Up:

:The team are recruited on a world (or Way Station) in the Gagarin Sector, by an agent in the pay of the government of New Florida, to assist

Dr. Jiddah Hanian

to defect from Chyn-Zavag Interworld Ltd., a smaller megacorp, rooted in the Aldrin, Gagarin, and Ride Sectors. Headquartered on a spinurb in the Jamal’s Luck system. CZI is involved to one degree or another in the production of a wide variety of consumer goods, industrial equipment, transportation (including ground, air, and space transportation), weapons, medicine, and space construction. The government of New Florida is unable to mount a rescue directly, but does need someone discreet to assist Dr Hanian.

Arabella Underhill

sets out to recruit the team, and get the comission on the Mcr2.5 fee.

{Underhill is a registered Agent for mercenaries, and industrial espionage operations, and is listed in Jane’s Intelligence review twice (one is her index listing, the other is an advertisement she bought in the current issue).}

The Location:

CZI has built a spinworld to develop Dr. Hanian’s project, and parked it in a most difficult place; a Restricted system.

Freyda: Freyda is Restricted because it was settled by an eccentric religious group that forswore the use of technology higher than TL4,

the Fischers

. The Fischers have a planetary council that acts to manage their off-world investments in annual meetings. The Council has contracted CZI to provide planetary and system defense. In exchange for this, CZI is allowed the construction of one artificial world, kept well out of view of the planet’s population.

Research 5

is a small ring, 10km in diameter by 3km in width. It is connected to a large docking bay located at the center point of the ring’s rotation by three spokes that house cargo and passenger elevators. Spoke 1 is the primary passenger elevator, although spokes 2 and 3 also have passenger lifts.

[find equations for centrifugal force: how fast does the ring spin to produce 1g at the interior surface?]

Two towns have been established to house and entertain the 2600 workers on Research 5.

Central City

is located at the base of spoke 1, and is home to the ring’s administration, and home to most of the ring’s inhabitants. Most of the people here work on the spinworld’s maintainence, or maintain the automated system defense boats that are operated from the ring.


is located on the opposite side of the ring from Central City, mid-way between spokes 2 and 3. it is home to the 200 technicians and researchers that work in the labs, located at the edge of Boondock

The labs

are located in a cluster of five buildings, ssurrounded by a carefully crafted screen of trees. From 500 meters away, the closest approach of the official road, it looks like a small patch of experimental forrest. One building houses the offices of the lab administrator, and Dr. Hanian. Another houses the technicians’ labs. The remaining three house something of a mystery. Nobody from the project will say anything about what goes on in the three buildings.

Rumor says it is filled with strange manipulations of non-terrestrial DNA, some spliced into humans.

Other rumors say a crew of intelligent aliens from a distant part of the galaxy, accidentally “washed up” on our shores due to a wild misjump.

[The remaining three buildings are a creche and dormitory for the subjects, and a school.]

Frey da System Research 5 Central City Boondock The labs Dr. Hanian Arbella Underhill CZI The Fischers Map of Freyda Background
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