You idiots have awakened and pissed off the sleeping giant!


Rockhead Warning!!!

This is Free Trader Beowulf calling

anyone...Mayday, Mayday...we are under attack...main drive is gone...turret number one

not responding...Mayday...losing cabin pressure
fast...calling anyone...please help...This is Free Trader Beowulf...Mayday...

Hang in there Beowulf...Help is on the way!

"Why did we run? It was bigger than us, nastier, has acid for blood, and is amazingly tough to kill. Why did we run? We decided to save it for those poor bloody fools the Scout Service job is to find 'em, the xenologists' job is to make friends with 'em."

1st voice:"Did you hear about Ol' Steaderkyn?"

2nd voice:"No, what about her?"
1st voice: "Out exploring some sub-terrestrial mudball way out in the Marches, near Zhodie space..."
2nd voice: "Yeah? So what happened?"
1st voice: "Huh?"
2nd voice: "What happened to Steaderkyn, you damned drunk?!"
1st voice: "Oh yeah! Steaderkyn's off 'plorin' some f***ing mudball way out in the Marches, flying along this virgin continent in her air-raft, when she gets swallowed by some big unrecorded pseudo-avian thingy!"
2nd voice: "Wow!"
1st voice: "Her estate was fined almost a thousand credits for poisoning an indegenous life form"
2nd voice: "Poor thingy..."
3rd voice: "Sh*t! she owed me CR200!"

Unidentified scouts overheard at the Glide Path Bar, Grille, & Credit Union, Little Vegas spinworld, D'Ganzio trailing trojan, Lanth

Links to useful tools

The Traveller Web Ring, a most excellent link
Irony Games RPG Web tools
Fractal Worldmap Generator: the name says it all!
Science Fiction Writers' Resource Encyclopedia: an excellent source of ideas up to the minute news about real space
Encyclopedia Astronautica: deep detail about all our efforts to space so far
Winchell Chung's Pages: the guy who did the original OGRE drawings now makes amazing 3D Starmaps...good fix for "realistic" settings A table of extrasolar planets...kept quite up to date...a wonderful reference for Rockheads like me.

A Sordid Traveller's Tale:

I've played Traveller in several incarnations (CT, MT, GURPS), for quite a while now. I enjoy the star system and planetary development aspects, as I've been a fan of "hard" SF since I was a wee bairn. Loved the realism of Poul Anderson's worlds, Larry Niven's vast scope, and now Iain Banks' even vaster scope. I got turned onto Traveller not long after it was 1st published, and had a boxed copy for a long time. I think it finally was lost somewhere between home and University...really quite a shame. Around the same time, I read the Mote In God's Eye, and the article in Galaxy magazine, The Making of The Mote In God's Eye. I was hooked.

I wandered into the Compleat Strategist last week & bought the GURPS Traveller book, and the book First In, the scout service book, as well as the design & construction of worlds. Cool beans, thought I, and started reading through them. Within a day I was plotting the next Traveller campaign...

the preceeding dates from December, 1999

New Adventure! (as of 14 July 2000)
Shady Days & Bright Nights

Re-Contact the Hard Way, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service

Click the link to one of the up & coming companies of the spinward marches

My Traveller Artbin


Soyuz Sector

, my non-Imperium Traveller universe (under construction, but still worth the trip).

Traveller Landgrab!

Sick of hearing there's no new places to explore???


Traveller Landgrab links to my little bit of heaven, D'Ganzio/Lanth, and to the Traveller Landgrab Rockheads. Grab a piece of the Imperium for your very own!

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Solomani Scout (circa 2150 AD)
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