Shady days & bright nights

The players are hired to provided inteligence about a certain Free Trader Captain. The players can pass themselves off as a ship's crew awaiting repairs to their vehicle. They meet up with the target's crew at the local spacers' hall.

The target is Captain Neal Redboi Helixgyne, I.N. Retired, 58 standard years old. He retred after 24 years in the Imperial Navy, mostly deployed in the Spinward Marches, where he made many contacts and friends. He owns his own Empress-class merchants ship (the Princess Sundarke), and currently runs a regular route in the Five Sisters/Jewell subsectors (mail, cargo, passengers to places the larger shipping lines don't go).

The patron supplies information that Helixgyne is suspected of providing the Zhodani with his knowledge of Imperial Navy deployments and battle plans for the Marches. The patron also provides the players with Helixgyne's itinerary, and strongly suggests that they go to Emape (Five Sisters/0133) and supply him with more intelligence about Helixgyne.

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